LITTLE BRUSH...the art school

Little brush is one hour school being formed to provide unique and meaningful art for all children below the age of 15. We bring out the creativity, and build an audience for Arts. We also offer a dynamic and constantly-evolving program.

LITTLE BRUSH...the art school

Little brush address the stress that kids have in their daily school, daily one hour art session will rejuvenate them. Our school is staffed by working artists, and all structured activities are led by master artist, teachers and child counselor.

LITTLE BRUSH...the art school

Our mission is to examine the impact of arts on kids and to develop them overall through their art experiences.

Arnav Khanchandani

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Age: 10 years, DOB: 17th April, 2007
Hi, I am Arnav. I am 10 years old and I study in 5th grade. I love drawing my favorite cartoon characters from dragon Ball zee and also animated super heroes are my favorite. I love sketching and shading too.


This is my favorite saiyan his name is ‘Vegeto’ and he has some special powers. 


I had made both these dinosaurs when I had seen Jurassic world movie and got inspired to draw a dinosaur’s sketch. 


This drawing is from the dragon Ball zee cartoon. This is trunks super saiyan 2. 


Iron man is one of my favorite super hero.  I loved doing shading with pencils.


I love the Ghost Rider. I had made this artwork after watching the movie Ghost Rider. What I liked about this character is that he had the power to destroy the bad ghosts. 


I had made this artwork and had given to the baker to print it on my birthday cake.  The two characters are kidtrunks and got it doing the kamehamehaan. 

Shreyaa Bhor


Shreyaa Bhor

Age: 8 years, DOB: 3rd March, 2009
Hi, I am Shreyaa Bhor staying in Koparkhairane. I am 8 years old and I love to paint and make crafts.
I like to colour using Oil Pastels. I recently started using water colours too.  I also like to sketch human figures.  My favourite art work is the women working in the field.

My favourite artist is Pinky Ma’m, she guided me to draw n paint in a better way.
I haven’t planned yet about my future (it’s too early to say)

1 Farming

Women in field – This artwork is one of my favourite because the artwork was quite differnt. Also, the pose given by all three women were all different.


Here’s my Pencil sketches.  I just love sketching.

7 Shawdow paintingShip against moonlight – This was very interesting as I learnt to draw reflection that too in water!

6 Lord KrishnaKrishna – The leg position here was a bit difficult but with guidance I managed it.

2 Still life

Still Life – I loved this artwork because it looks real due to the shadow.

5 Still-OilPastel1Still Life – Another Still life made by me! I like doing Still life drawings a lot. Since, I can do shading for each and every object and the background.

4 Save TreesStop cutting trees – This is another memory drawing which was interesting as I could do a lot of shading.

3 Fruit Seller

Market scene – I enjoyed the colour shading while creating this artwork.

10 Wall Hanging

I love creating wall hangings whenever I am free.  I created this all by myself, except for my mum’s verbal guidance.

11 Wall HangingThis is another wall hanging made by me.  My mum just helped in tying knots.


Shreeya Gadekar



Age: 8 years, DOB 12th August, 2008
Hello everyone, I am Shreeya! I am 8 years old. My father says Shreeya is my little princess who came in this world on 12th Aug, 2008. I love to paint. This world is beautiful because it is full of colours. Even during sunset the sky becomes so colourful, I just love it! Purple is my favourite colour.
I like to use water colours for painting my artworks.


This is one of my favourite artwork. My art teacher also appreciated me for this artwork.  I got three stars for this painting 🙂


I loved this Still life – Bananas. I used water colours here for my picture.  And I tried adding all the important things like Shadow, light tone, dark tone, etc. to make my picture look real.

20170528_095049This was the most difficult drawing so far!  I had to struggle a lot with the calf’s head and the cow’s leg. But, finally I managed it. I used oil pastels here, which made my work little easier. I would like to try more animal drawings as their shading is little difficult.


This was a lovely sunset I learnt to paint.  Though it looks easy, but, the shading in the sky was not that easy because I had to merge the paint to make it look smooth.


I liked this simple scenery. Red and Green are opposite colours & together they make my picture look very interesting.


This drawing was very easy.  Shading was a bit difficult, but it had an interesting process.  First we need to shade it in light and dark, then add textures!  I enjoyed the process.

S. Nandy

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Age: 10 years, DOB: 20th March, 2007
I am 10 years old.  I like to use pastels, pencil colours, graphite pencils, poster colours, acrylics, brush pens, etc….I like to keep experimenting with different mediums!  I like to draw landscapes, still life and human figures.  My favourite artist is Jamini Roy.  I like his style of drawing eyes.


Starry Night ( poster colour)


Goddess Durga


Tortoise  in oil pastel


Still Life  in Oil Pastels


Another Still Life in Water Colours


Still Life in Water Colours


Peacock in Madhubani Style


Human Figure using pencil colours


Human figures using brush pens


This is my favourite drawing as this is my first canvas drawing.

Dweej Shinde



Age: 11 years, DOB: 9th September, 2006

Hi, I am Dweej.  I am 11 years old and I love to paint and click photographs. I like using oil pastels & Water colours which you can see in my work.

My passion for photography helped be bag an award as a junior photographer.  I like to use my favourite Canon Camera for the clicks.  I was inspired by my uncle who is a professional modelling photographer.    In future, I would like to be a professional photographer.

Few of my artworks below – 


This was my first painting in water colours, Pinky ma’am guided me in shading. 


This was quite interesting as I had to do use different colours to shade a white rabbit.


Though its looks like a simple red apple, but trust me, I had to do a lot of shading using different colours.


It was my first attempt with Madhubani painting, its very simple and colourful.

Showcasing my Photography skills…


This was clicked by me during my Uncle’s 2nd Anniversary function.


This is one of my favourite photograph, clicked by me during my cousin’s wedding in Ahmednagar.

 Art_Dweej(2) - Copy

Hey guys, this is my first Car! It’s my favourite car in the world.  Of course, clicked by me.

This was clicked in Mahanagar Palika office in CBD-Belapur.

 Art_Dweej(3) - Copy                 

I love the beauty of nature.  Here, the monkey sitting aside makes my photograph look more interesting. This was clicked during our journey towards Nagar. 


Here’s my dad, who loves riding his Bullet.  This was clicked on 15th August.



Tanishq Panibhate



Age: 13 years, DOB: 7th April, 2004

My name is Tanishq.  I stay in Koparkhairne, Navi Mumbai.  I like to paint using poster colours.  I also like sketching animals, landscapes & human beings. One of my favorite art works is my first charcoal pencil shading of a deer,  as I like pencil shading.


Back to home : This is one of my best scenery painted with poster color. I have used rapid technique to show the speed of the boat & spray painted to show water flow. 


Antelope: My first charcoal pencil shaded drawing. I have used cross shading technique. 


Mysterious cottage : This pencil shading was done when I was 10 years old. 


Still life : Painted with poster colors. I learned a lot about color shades while painting. 


Mother &  child : One of the difficult pencil shaded drawing, as I found it difficult to draw the stripes.


Speed : One of my favorite pencil shaded drawing, I have used cross shading technique. 


Krishna Leela: Drawing coloured with oil pastels when I was 8 years old. 


Dream village:  A pencil shaded landscape, I have used wavy lines and done shading for the water to look realistic. 


Design:  A design done with poster colours. I have used contrast colour scheme to paint it. This technique is called Van Gogh technique.


Space: I have used poster colours to paint the picture and have spray painted with a brush for the stars. 

Shubhika Sharda

Age: 8 years, DOB: 11th Jan, 2009
“I am 8 year old. I stay in Koparkhairne, Navi Mumbai.  I like to draw, paint with water colors & Crayons and pencil shading. 

I have learned and created many art-work in little-brush but my favorite art-work so far is ‘The ship in full moon’.   I am going to be a teacher when I grow-up.”

This is one of my favorite work. I learned to do the pencil shading and I really enjoyed making it.

This is my most favorite art-work. I learned to draw reflection in the water and the night scene in this art. I really love this picture.


This is the picture where I started using water color. I came to know that using water colour is not as easy as it looks. Now I enjoy using them a lot.


In this picture I learned the technique of drawing shadow and showing objects in light. This crayon art-work turned out really nice and I love it.


Ganpati is my favorite God. During Ganpati celebrations I requested Pinky ma’am to let me make something with Ganpati in it. I learned a new technique with crayons and made this picture.


This scenery with crayons is also one of my favorite. There are lot of small tricks, which I learned to apply while making this picture.


This sketch is made by using a black ball point pen. This unique technique gave an excellent result and the picture came out really well.

Xmas season celebration picture. This was made by me during xmas vacations. This picture shows the celebration mood during xmas.

Archishman Sahu


Archishman Sahu

Age: 11 years, DOB: 18th May, 2007

I am Archishman Sahu, an 11 year young artist. I stay in Ghansoli. I like pencil shading especially for drawing landscapes and also love painting using poster colours. My favorite drawing so far is a poster colour painting of a port scene in evening.

I started learning drawing at the age of 4, and since then “Little Brush” is my learning platform. Drawing is my hobby, and I am still learning and enjoying it… are my best artworks…


Here is a beautiful landscape (Pencil shading) made by me at the age of 8 yrs. I wish I could live in a small house near the mountain and beside the river….It was my 1st detailed pencil shading.


This is an Antelope made by me at the age of 9. When ma’am first gave me this drawing, I thought it was very difficult for me. Its spiral horns and the face was a little tough. This drawing was selected as “Art of the week”.


This is a couple of giraffe made by me at the age of 9. I drew this using charcoal leads which my father had brought for me. It was my first charcoal drawing. I think I could do it a little better.



This is an eagle in tribal style. It is my first tribal art. From then I started loving tribal arts and drew more than 10 tribal arts.


This is a wolf in tribal style. Everyone thinks that it does not look like a wolf and every time I need to explain them how it looks like a wolf. Hope you understand……ha ha ha


This is my best drawing (as per me) so far made by me at the age of 10. This is a port scene in evening with very tough shading. The water part was very hard for me but I did it on my own. I like this one very much.


This is a beautiful flower made with poster colours. I first time drew a flower drawing like this with each petal having a lot of shading (up to 3 shades). Ma’am helped in the first one and the 2nd one I did on my own. I enjoyed drawing this couple of flowers.


This is a colourful landscape made with poster colours. The drawing is special for its reflection effect and colourful trees.


This is a monochromatic scene. The shading was very tough. My paper was nearly torn. The black portion around the blue water is trees and it is view from the bottom of a lake in moonlight.


This is an attractive landscape with dot technique. The trees were normally painted using dots. The shading was very tough.